23 Things I'm Grateful For...

As 23 approaches, iA (God Willing), I wanted to dedicate a post to 23 things I am grateful for...

  1. God and my faith as it continues to evolve, grow, and strengthen.

  2. My family, as they have always supported me, believed in me, and pushed me to be my best self.

  3. My friends. You are the lights of my life. We have the best memories together, you inspire me, and you never let me forget my worth, I love you.

  4. My body and my health as I continue working on being my happiest self, internally and externally.

  5. Meditation podcasts, my new found love, for helping me calm the hell down when I feel like I need a major chill pill.

  6. My Egyptian Irish heritage.

  7. The mistakes I've made. These are the things that have been the most educating and have helped me grow the most.

  8. The roof over my head.

  9. Linda Sarsour for being an inspiration to me and so many other women and for fighting for what's right, for everyone.

  10. Every single #NoBanNoWall protest.

  11. The random strangers I walk by that initiate a smile or smile back at me when I smile at them.

  12. For having the privilege of going to college and studying a subject that I love and meeting amazing people along the way.

  13. Music. I absolutely love how one song can make you feel amazing (or sad).

  14. Internet Memes (Particularly the Cash Me Outsidde How Bow Dah meme because #art).

  15. The Arabic language. I am sorry I did not appreciate you enough growing up.

  16. This video of a super small sloth just being incredibly cute without even trying

  17. Every woman out there that is unapologetically themselves. Whatever that may be or mean to you, I applaud you and I admire you.

  18. Engaging, loving, and funny conversations with people closest to me, people I just met, and people I've reconnected with.

  19. Beyonce b/c Beyonce.

  20. The creators, the entrepreneurs, the go-getters for pushing me to chase my goals and make new ones.

  21. The blogging community. As I started this year, I was happily shocked at how supportive, uplifting, and motivating the blogging community was/is.

  22. All the phenomenal women that collaborated with me on my It Starts Within series.

  23. You guys. Anyone who has ever commented on my Instagram, subscribed to my email list, commented on or read a blog post. You guys fuel my fire. I love you!

Photography by Rimsha Siddiqui @simplyrealistic