Inclusive. Gutsy. Caring. Sporadic. In Progress.

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Hi! My Name is Mona, I am a Muslim Egyptian Irish American blogger residing in Sacramento, CA....

In 7th grade, I found myself spending countless hours on Polyvore.com pairing together photos, clothing and words to create dream outfits and looks. To be able to create a look for one day that was feminine and structured then to build one that was effortless and fun for another day, became one of my favorite past times. Fast forward to today, where I earned my AA in Merchandise Marketing and BS Business Management from FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising with an unwavering love for the world of creating beautiful, engaging and delightful things. 

I hope this blog can be a source of inspiration for you, push you to try new things, think of things differently, go to different places, drink more coffee, listen to new music, and more! Regardless of your body type, I want to teach you that what's most important is your mindset, outlook, and view on style and success. I strongly believe that the power of an individual is more important than what they wear. However, slaying the style game along the way doesn't hurt and can actually be just what you need to help you move forward. 

In the end, everything you wear is an accessory to you, who you are, and what you stand for. So, here’s to accessorizing the true you.

- Mona, The Smiling Sweetheart


Any items gifted/sent to me, sponsorships or collaborations will be disclosed within their respective blog and social media posts.