What's your name?

My name is Mona, nice to meet you!

How old are you?

As of right now, I am 24 (#TeamAquarius) and I'm hoping I can keep it that way for the next few years.

What's your ethnicity? 

Half Egyptian (Dad's side)

Half Irish (Mom's side)

100% American (Me)

Where do you reside? 

Sacramento, CA

What's your height?

Last time I checked, 5' 4"

Where do you shop for denim?

I continuously update My Denim Guide and provide my top denim picks there.

What's your clothing size?

Most clothing I am a size 18 or 2x. Occasionally, I'll wear size 16 , size 20 or 3x. But, it's really a matter of the fabric and the fit I want the piece of clothing to have along with its relevant brand.

What's your shoe size?

In non-wide shoes, you'll most likely find me in 8.5 or 9

In wide-fit shoes, I am usually 8.5 but sometimes just an 8


The Blog

What days do you post?

Wednesday's are my blog post days and you can expect a post here every week on that day! PLUS, you may see occasional posts on Friday's. 

What camera do you use? 

Canon Rebel T3i with a mix of different lenses

I also use my iPhone 7+ for some of my photos on Instagram

Who takes your photos?

Blog: 9/10 it's my awesome sister @photographybyyasmeen and other times, it's other awesome photographers I get to work with

Instagram: it differs, but a lot of times its my mom and friends LOL

What is "The Rundown"? 

The Rundown is essentially a summation of all that The Smiling Sweetheart has to offer in one place for your ease: Style, Essence*, Coffee Shop Chronicles + Travel, and Music.

*What is "Essence"?

 Essence includes all the things, thoughts, ideas, and methods that I hope to share with you in helping you feel best internally. From sharing personal experiences to my journey with body positivity, Essence covers it all!