Coffee Shop Chronicles ft. Coffeebar

Ooo, yes, yes, yes. Finally, some more coffee hitting the blog. More than anything, I love visiting new places and the coffee shops they offer. I feel like they say so much about the people in a town and they’re often a really good indication of the vibe that a city has to offer.

I took a recent trip to Downtown Truckee with my family to take a quick escape from reality (cliche, I know) and visit some shops, grab some good food, and visit Coffeebar. After a few hours of walking and shopping and eating the oddest and flavorful tacos, we made our way to Coffeebar.

Coffeebar is a perfect summation for North Lake Tahoe/Truckee. It’s relaxed, it’s welcoming, and a little bit eccentric.

As someone who loves her coffee, I surprised myself and ordered an iced green tea matcha latte. Gotta switch it up a little. But, I did make note of what everybody else in my group ordered and their thoughts. So, here’s the rundown (plus some more photos from my visit):

Hot Americano w/ Steamed Whole Milk

A creamy kick of energy. Did the job that an Americano should with a velvety twist

Iced Matcha Almond Milk Latte

If you’re a fan of almond milk, you will love this. It’s not too sweet, just right.

Iced Cold Brew w/ Farm Cream:

Smooth and sweet, aka the epitome of what a damn good cold brew should taste like.

Photography By Me & @photographybyyasmeen