High Tea O'Clock

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PSA: The “M” in Madeleine cookies is for Mona. The one cookie that I will stan until the end of time. It’s one thing to enjoy them with coffee, but they are truly the perfect tea cookie. This past holiday weekend I threw on a new dress and made my way to Tea List in Davis for afternoon tea with my favorite cookies.

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Although English Breakfast is a staple black tea for me, I was eager to try Tea List's Persian Tea. It was fragrant, usually a tea flavor I am not fond of, but this one was so strong and rich that I had to ask for more.

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Three sips into the tea and they brought us warm Cranberry Cream scones that melted the second you bit into them. For added taste, I smothered - yes, SMOTHERED - mine in strawberry jam and Devonshire cream. By this time I was two cups of Persian Tea and cream in and starting to get the side effect of wanderlust one often gets as they stare out of a clear glass window with something hot to drink in their hand.

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A short daydream later, they brought us a three-tier display of mouthwatering goodness. I am talking chicken curry salad and roasted red pepper tea sandwiches, chocolate and almond filled petit fours and a vibrant fruit salad. While my mom went for the petit fours, I asked for an order of their madeleine cookies (#shocker). And, that’s when two more cups of tea happened.

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As someone who is 10 years deep into her 2008 version of Pride & Prejudice obsession, it was incredibly easy to genuinely feel like Jane Austen had written a novel with me as the strong female lead just after three servings of tea and creamed crumpets. Hope I made you proud, Elizabeth Bennet.

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