How To Love What You've Got

Okay, here is the deal. It's not easy being different. It's not easy looking different. There's always something or someone telling you how you should be, what you should do, and inherently, how you should look. Seriously, it's exhausting trying to fit everyone's mold and expectations. Learning to love yourself regardless of these expectations is not a piece of cake. It's hard as hell. I feel it. A lot.

But, I've also learned that the best voice to listen to is my own. And, no, not the negative one in my head that wants me to hate on everything I'm doing. I mean the most honest and real one. The one in my gut that knows I'm kickass, flaws and all. That's the voice we should be listening to. That's the voice we should be giving the most attention to. As humans, we are ever changing and ever-evolving. And, it's important to love yourself at every point. Whatever makes you feel good both inside and outside; do it. Love yourself enough to respect your health, both mental and physical. Understand that you are ever-changing and you've got to work with what you've got, and as Tim Gunn says, "Make it work."  

This life is a short one, but it can also be a long and incredible journey when you make the most of it and yourself. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be a better version of yourself, whatever that may mean. But, dragging yourself down and tearing yourself down for not fitting the mold of what others want is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Loving yourself means sometimes making tough decisions so that you can feel better and be better. It also means that you acknowledge that you are different and that's what's EPIC about you; that you do what works for you. You do what will make you the best version of yourself. And you just own it.

Photography by Rimsha Siddiqui @simplyrealistic