Seeing A Musical Soulmate: Bleachers

A couple weeks ago I got to see one of my favorite bands, Bleachers, with some of my friends at Sacramento's City Of Trees festival & documented it so I could share it with you guys. 

Thank you @DiscoverSacramento for such a fun afternoon!


- The Basics Of Bleachers -

Let it be known that the epic band hit the stage right at the beginning of sunset, and as they performed each song the sky was changing colors (I’m going to pause here & fully admit that I am being cliche and cheesy and while I 99% of the time would be gagging at saying something like this, it’s absolutely necessary for this context. Ok, thank you, back to what I was saying.) It was one of those moments where you’re just like “This, this is flipping awesome.”

Bleachers are one of the many bands that, in my opinion, have brought the 80s back into the world of Pop music. Granted so many of today’s artists have an 80s influence in their sounds, but Bleachers is one of those bands that puts out work that is simultaneously modern and old school.

Growing up, while my dad was played Norah Jones (a huge favorite of mine), my mom was always blasting 80s New Wave music. We’ll save my love and appreciation for Norah for another post, but my mom’s love for 80s music put a love for it in me too. Duran Duran? Yes. Echo & The Bunnymen? Yes. 

Bleachers do what New Wave did for my mom for me. I value an artist and their work so much, especially when I see their passion and care for every detail that they put into their work. I’ve watched interviews of Jack Antonoff (lead singer of Bleachers, formally part of the band Fun) and there’s one thing that I have learned about him: he creates music and performs purely because of the love and drive in his heart. Writing and making music for him is his life, and his work often reflects that. He’s not putting out music to make bank and leave. This guy is here to stay. He’s here to put out music that is a reflection of his life experiences, the ups and downs, and anything that awakens his heart. And, as a result, fans like myself can relate to so much of what he writes and sings about. Even if we didn’t go through what his music may reflect, his music has a way of transporting you to different moments of your life and reminding you of how you felt in that moment, whether it was good or bad. 

New to Bleachers?

Check out my Basics of Bleachers playlist below.

What I Wore

I feel like we can all agree that buying merchandise is an integral part of attending any concert. I’d rather buy an artist or band’s tee at a concert than buying it prior to wear to the concert. So, something that my friend Salwa and I did was make our own Bleachers inspired tees using iron-on letters (got mine on Amazon). Just take an old or new tee you own then iron on your fave lyrics or phrases from the artist.

**I used this site's instructions for ironing on letters to a shirt**


Shop The Look

Denim Jacket (Go 2 sizes up): H&M +

Ripped Denim ( I patched some of the rips): Old Navy (Similar)

Sneakers: Vans