Every Month Has A Soundtrack

This blog post was not sponsored by Sudio. I collaborated with Sudio on Instagram but loved the headphones so much I wanted to blog about them and share them with you all.

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A Sound Upgrade

Are you ever working on your computer and decide to get up and grab something but everything immediately falls apart because you realize that the entire time the headphones you used to listen to Beyonce were connected to your laptop…

And does the thought of the Apple wireless headphones give you anxiety because you know that someone like yourself can’t even manage to find her wallet in her purse let alone two little ear pods…

BECAUSE S A M E. Seriously. I am a ride or die wire headphones kind of girl. Yes, they get tangled, but, hey they’re always there for you. And, in this post, my headphones got a little upgrade thanks to something Swedish brand Sudio calls the "Vasa Bla”. Untangled. Sleek. Sturdy and a battery life of 9 hrs. From Coffee Shop Chronicles to mindless thoughts on the Stairmaster, to writing for the blog (jamming to the Mamma Mia 2 soundtrack as we speak), these headphones make listening to music a front row experience.

*Can I also say that it is EPIC to be able to charge my phone and listen to music at the same time. Wow. #art*

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"Every Moment Has A Soundtrack"

Sudio says “Every moment has a soundtrack.” and I couldn’t agree more. For me, every moment and month, in particular, has a soundtrack. I've been creating monthly soundtrack playlists since 2016 and they've become a musical diary that holds little reminders of what life was like for those 30ish days.

Here’s the soundtrack to this past month of July. It was quite the long month and I think this playlist reflects it fairly well. Hope ya dig it.

What does your July soundtrack sound like? 


What I Wore

Tunic - and comfort

Jeans - YMI

Heels - Simply Be

Bag - YoursClothing

Glasses - Laurel by Warby Parker

Photography by Yasmeen

Editing by Me