Jacquard Jacket x Color Challenge

This jacquard jacket posed a bit of a challenge for me: what color/type of shirt should I wear with it? Sometimes you have to “Make it Work” as Tim Gunn says and not beat yourself up over the fact that a look didn’t turn out the way you envisioned. I don’t like the idea of having to buy an additional item of clothing to justify the purchase of another piece of clothing. I always try to think of three ways to wear an item of clothing before I purchase it. But, sometimes there are pieces of clothing you may find that you can’t pass up because they're unique and make your heart swoon. If you want to have a wardrobe that can sustain your different tastes (and unique purchases), no matter how sporadic they may be, you want to develop the ability to make it work and let that ability be your own personal touch to any look, style, or trend. I did not have a top that worked “perfectly” with this jacket and I am glad I didn’t because it created a different look. Pairing this structured white collared blouse (see similar below) with the jacket helped me create a look that was not only outside of my comfort zone but outside of my preferred color palette. 

Now, not going to lie, accessorizing this jacket/look also was a challenge for me. Let it be known that building looks isn’t always a flip of a switch process. Sometimes we need a little inspiration and my best tip for that is to identify the center piece of your look and consider the colors, textures, and prints it has. In this look, the focal point is this Alice & You Jacquard Trophy Jacket. I wanted to make sure that my accessories & shoes complimented the jacket, versus take away from it. The jacket has several shades of brown in it, from tan to an almost a terracotta-like color. I decided to bring out the tan color in the jacket with this zipper clutch from Target’s Who What Wear collection that I purchased a few months ago (check out a similar style I found for you below). To bring out the color even more, I paired the look with these tan-brown mules that I also purchased from Target (similar styles below). The clutch and shoes really sealed the deal on this jacket look and made it a great look to wear to lunch with friends or on a casual-chic Friday at work.

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Here's to trying new things and making it work. Thanks, Tim Gunn. 

- The Smiling Sweetheart

P.S. Do you guys plan on wearing jacquard jackets this season? If so, how do you plan on styling them? Would love to know!

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Photography by Yasmeen Seddeek @zizuzu123