Thanksgiving Outfit Series: Look 1

I was really excited to put together these looks and posts for you guys! I love a good style challenge and in this two-post series I am showing you two looks that are Thanksgiving meal proof and stylish for the holiday.  I curated two seasonal looks that are comfortable but also show everyone you came to run the show. Take a look at the first one below and my thought process as I put it together. I provide a little hair and beauty inspo at the end, too.

I know I sound like everyone else when I say this, but I really (x infinity) love the Fall. Aside from being able to get away with darker and more muted colors, the cold weather invites layering, which I love. You get to have fun and be super creative when it comes to layering. It gives you a chance to put together pieces that might not otherwise be worn together. You can use more items in your closet, too just like what I did in this outfit! Now when it comes to a Thanksgiving outfit color scheme, the color camel is the answer. It’s the perfect color for Fall and absolutely something you might want to consider wearing this holiday season. This camel poncho from CottonOn (it’s sadly sold out, but see similar styles I picked for you below) was my first order of business. Ponchos are comfy and relaxed. My second order of business was making sure that anything else I picked for this outfit was stretchy and allowed me to eat. Because, let’s be honest: you don't want your outfit getting in the way of mashed potatoes. And, for me a comfy pair of black tights and a black maxi mini skirt were the solution. From there, I had two options for shoes: heeled ankle booties or the over the knee boots I previewed in a recent post. In an effort to keep warm, I opted for the OTK boots.

A tip for accessorizing your Thanksgiving outfits this coming week is to opt for gold and rose gold metals in your jewelry pieces. As for handbags, style in ones with prints like leopard and fabrics like velvet. This bag is actually a cross body with a fairly small strap. With a little fixing, I was able to shorten the strap just a bit more to fit around the waist (thick girl perks? haha) and it became my 2016 take on a fanny pack.

Now, when it comes to the beauty and hair department I am still a work in progress. But, if there is one thing I do know it's how to take fairly decent care of my curls and choosing what lipsticks are best for certain occasions. For all my curly haired girls out there, embrace those curls this holiday and opt for a middle-parted messy low bun. Bring out some of your front hairs to give the look some femininity. As for lipstick, berries are an absolute go-to. The one that I am wearing in this look is a super affordable and highly pigmented option from NYX Cosmetic's Liquid Suede line in the color "Vintage". 


Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for the second part of this series, coming on Monday!

- The Smiling Sweetheart

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Major thank you to the Rimsha Siddiqui for being the photographer behind this post- she is awesome! Check out her photos on Instagram: @simplyrealistic