Asfurah Collab Part 2 x Winter Hoodie

Happy day after Thanksgiving (aka day 1 of leftovers). If you are like me and try to avoid the world of retail at all costs on Black Friday and opt for a day inside till Cyber Monday comes along, maybe this post can keep you busy till then. It’s been a few posts since the part 1 of my collab with Asfurah was on the blog. But, I am so excited to be back with the last part of the collab. I love the diversity in products that Asfurah offers: looks for a holiday and products for when you are ready to run the town. The latter is what I am hyped to show you all today. This winter hoodie is very different and there aren’t many products like it out there, even in my own closet. It gives me a style challenge, and I love a good challenge. Not sure if you are with me on this, but the hood has a total rebel vibe to it and the perfect match for that is a leather jacket and sneaks. I ran with it and this is what I put together. It made me feel pretty hardcore when I wore it. Hope ya dig!

Shop the Look: The hoodie can be found directly on ! Head on over to check it out :)

Photographed by Rimsha Siddiqui, @simplyrealistic.