80s Reeboks x Boyfriend Blouse

My love for sneakers runs so deep. I love that a great pair of sneakers can be the most comfortable thing for your feet and the most stylish addition to your closet/style. These Reeboks that I got from the sale section at Urban Outfitters are probably not everyone's cup of tea: they are a bit outdated in regards to their style/color. But, that's exactly what drew me to them. I immediately got an 80s vibe from them and knew I had to have them. What I love about shoes is that you can have a simple outfit on and let them be the focal point of your outfit or the accessory to a BAM outfit. In this look, I decided to let them become best friends with this white boyfriend style blouse that I got from Old Navy (you will come to notice throughout my blog posts that I am way too obsessed with the brand/store). Essentially, this look is my take/twist on the classic white tee, denim and sneaks look. I finished the look up with gold accented accessories. A Casio watch and a black marble stone necklace. Gold colored accessories can instantly level up an easy going look like this one. 


Side note: my friend B referred to this look as what a cool mom would wear. Basically, best compliment ever. *Cue Amy Poehler's character in Mean Girls*: 


So, hear's to dressing like a cool mom more often. 

-The Smiling Sweetheart

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Photography by Yasmeen Seddeek @zizuzu123