5 Essential Style Pieces For Fall

If you follow me on Instagram you might have a better idea of what my everyday outfits are like: a little more low key, effortless (to an extent), and often repetitive. And, it's the same with every season. But in the Fall, I have a few pieces that I continue to wear throughout the season. hey are essential pieces to my closet and style as a whole.

1 - A Dark Wash & A Light Wash Denim Jacket

The fit is up to you, I like a mine fitted as well as oversized. I personally think both washes, light and dark, are such versatile pieces. They work with your heavy and light knits. They are complementary to all of this season's favorite colors: brown, black, earthy-green, rust, and more. More than anything, you throw them on and you give any outfit you're wearing a little something more. 

2 - Black Denim Pants

"Okay, Mona. We get it, you like black denim." Yes, I do. And, you should too! If you're not a fan of wearing denim on denim, black denim pants are the perfect match for your denim jackets.

See My Denim Guide for my go-to pair of black denim.

3 - A Ride-Or-Die Pair Of Boots

We are not talking statement or heeled boots. We are talking a pair of ride-or-die comfy boots. Ones that will go with pretty much anything and everything in your closet. A pair that will go with you through those long days at your school campus, work, or any other kind of hustle.

4 - A Seriously Dark Lipstick

My motto: the gloomier the weather, the darker (or grey-er) the lip. 


5 - A Statement Knit Sweater

While I love a knit sweater that I can wear with anything, this season gives you a chance to add a major pop of color to an otherwise gloomy cool-toned season. Bright yellows, hot pinks, and fiery reds long for a closet like yours.

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