Thanksgiving Outfit Inspo Series: Vol. 2

It’s baaaackkk. One of my favorite posts that I've done on the blog, and your favorite according to my Instagram story polls, was my Thanksgiving Outfit Inspo Series where I put together two looks to get you ready for the food-induced coma and giving thanks holiday.

Comfort is important, but this year, I wanted to push my style boundaries and mix it up. So, for those of you out there that are looking for laid-back looks, looks that are simple and feminine, or looks that are out there, this outfit series is for you.

Enjoy a rundown of every look, why I chose it, how I completed it and, in an effort to push myself out of my comfort zone and put myself on Youtube more, you can enjoy seeing every Look In Action, too!


Style Rundown

This look is all about making your Thanksgiving day simple and easy as hell. It may be all black but consists of many different textures: ribbed knits, detailed moto seaming, leather, and lyocell denim. The difference in textures helps level up the low key look for your Thanksgiving activities (food baby included). 

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Beanie - Similar Here

Jacket - RWN by Rawan (not available yet)

Sweater - H&M

Moto Denim - RWN by Rawan

Boots - Similar Here & Here

Lipstick - Desi x Katy for Dose of Colors

ThanksgivingOutfitSeries (75 of 110).jpg
ThanksgivingOutfitSeries (82 of 110).jpg
ThanksgivingOutfitSeries (80 of 110).jpg

Final Touches

This is the perfect solution for those who feel like saying “Pass” to doing anything with their hair. Throw on a black ribbed beanie and a super dark lipstick and call it a look.

ThanksgivingOutfitSeries (84 of 110).jpg
ThanksgivingOutfitSeries (77 of 110).jpg


Style Rundown

Scuba midi skirts are some of my favorite pieces of clothing. I don’t wear them often, but they are always there for me for random tea parties (still waiting for my invite to one of those), weddings, parties, and Thanksgiving dinners. A scuba midi skirt is not only comfortable, but it looks like a million bucks. Just tuck in your favorite blouse, grab your fanciest clutch, put on a pair of pointed heels and throw on a statement coat and you will be dressed to the nines.

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Coat - Similar Here & Here

Top - Similar Here, Here & Here

Scuba Skirt - Similar Here & Here

Heels - Similar Here

Clutch - Similar Here

Lipstick - Made with Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette

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ThanksgivingOutfitSeries (53 of 110).jpg
ThanksgivingOutfitSeries (37 of 110).jpg
ThanksgivingOutfitSeries (32 of 110).jpg

Final Touches

All thanks to Kim K (yes, I am a proud fan here) for continuously being my hair inspiration and giving me the idea of doing a slicked back middle parted pony. Whether your hair is curly or straight, the style works beautifully for creating a more tamed and classic look. A wine lip and your go-to gold or pearl stud earrings will seal the deal.


Style Rundown

Decking out and being extra for a holiday where you basically stuff your face with endless amounts of food, isn’t always for the stylistically challenged. But, a look like this can be the ultimate getup for dressing up for the holidays. If you’re like me and seldom get a chance to actually really, truly, dress up, you will most certainly utilize an excuse like Thanksgiving to do so. A statement kimono (or blazer if you prefer) paired with a body-con dress and block sandal heels is the recipe for a look that could kill.

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Kimono - Fashion Nova

Body Con - Similar Here, Here, & Here

Heels - Similar Here


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ThanksgivingOutfitSeries (23 of 110).jpg
ThanksgivingOutfitSeries (30 of 110).jpg

Final Touches

I really didn't want to add much to this look. With a kimono robe this loud and extravagant, I knew whatever jewelry I added to the look would need to remain an accessory and not steal attention away from the kimono. A pair of jeweled stud earrings was as far as I wanted to go.

ThanksgivingOutfitSeries (21 of 110).jpg

Let's Give Back!!

In celebration of this holiday, I wanted to share some causes that are near to my heart and some that I have recently discovered. Check them out: American Cancer Society, California Fire Relief, Cancer + Careers.

Thank YOU!

Thank you guys so much for reading and following along.  Sending you love and good vibes, and happy holidays! 

- Mona, The Smiling Sweetheart

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