A Red Floral Maxi

Oh my god...Getting myself to wear this much color was so challenging!! A red dress, that also has floral print, is so frightening to me. I used to love wearing color in high school but when I started college and lived near the City, I evolved into darker more muted colors and found those to be far more comfortable. Now, hey, I will still go crazy for an all black outfit but, I love pushing myself to try different styles, colors, and prints. This look is all three of those things. First off, it’s a dress, which by the way I am surprised at how comfortable and carefree it is (can you tell it's been a while since I've worn a dress?). There are built in shorts under the dress that make it so much easier to wear. Second and third, it’s red with floral prints, which like I said, is unlike anything I wear. The color and print make the dress beautifully loud and fun. So, it was worth it. Let’s not forget to mention that styling this dress was so easy. I chose to keep it bold with these black sandal heels from Charlotte Russe and this cow hair clutch from Torrid. If you don’t want to do black shoes, I would recommend a pair of silver or white sandal strap heels or flat sandals.

Seriously, if you’re a believer in neutrals and blacks, I get it. I feel it. But, this dress...it’s something else. You know when you put something on and feel next level? That’s how I felt when I wore this. Shoutout to my friend B who pushed me to get this. Now it's my turn to push you to get it. Spring and Summer will not be ready for you when you put this maxi dress on.

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Photography by Yasmeen S.