The Smiling Sweetheart Style Sessions: Ashley Newell

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I created The Smiling Sweetheart for many reasons as you may know. One of which, is to celebrate one’s individuality and help them feel good inside and out. Ashley was an absolute pleasure to work with because she was down to try new things and I wanted her to have an adventure as well as magnify the beauty she embodies inside and out. I didn’t want to take anything away from who she was as a blogger, mother, and overall person. I wanted everything that I styled her in to be an accessory to her authentic self. We got to shop together in-store and online and found pieces that gave her that style power.

I am so excited to share this week’s post with you all. A couple months ago, a food and plus size blogger reached out to me to collaborate on a style session. That blogger was Ashley Newell, mom of 3 adorable kids. We decided to create three different ways to style her favorite little black, skater dress. Ashley values the simplicity of throwing a piece of clothing on and being done with it. She doesn’t really like fussy high maintenance clothing. She also wanted to do a little re- vamp of her favorite black dress, with the intent to maximize its versatility to suit her lifestyle. So, we came up with three scenarios wherein Ashley could rock her black dress, using "The Smiling Sweetheart" touch.

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We curated three little black dress (LBD) looks

based on Ashley's hobbies and day to day activities...

First LBD Look:

A Day Filled With Family And Fun

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I promise you, there is nothing more reliable than a pair of comfy white sneaks. They will be your best dressed up and dressed down friend. When Ashley is spending an entire day with her family out being busy, the last thing she wants to worry about is her shoes giving her a hard time. These Rocket Dog sneaks were just the right fit and feel for her. As an option, I threw on a dark denim jacket to give the look a little more dimension. We agreed that accessories needed to be simple and valuable. A baseball cap to keep the hair together and protect from the Sun and an all black faux leather tote to hold any and everything- and resist stains. 


Second LBD Look:

Coffee With Girlfriends

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After talking with Ashley and gaining a better understanding of her style preferences, I knew that comfort was a major priority. I wanted to continue valuing that after styling her in sneakers by putting her in a pair of brown/tan flats or low-block heels for her coffee dates with friends. We hit the jackpot at Payless with these wide fit brown heels. We kept the denim jacket but opted for a throw-it-over-the-shoulder type of look. The brown crossbody to complete the look and add a nice updated touch to her First LBD Look.

Third LBD Look

Date Night With The Hubby

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I've got to be real, this is my favorite look out of the three. We took a little black skater dress and styled it so she could rock it on date nights and even girls night out. We found the most incredible clutch at Charming Charlie. Every inch of it was beaded in blue, gold, and dark purple. These Simply Be wide fit heels were the most suitable complimentary piece to the clutch. Ashley is beaming with confidence in this look, if you ask me!

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Head over to Ashley’s site 

to get all the details and more photos of her slaying the 3 completed looks!

Thank you so much, Ashley, for collaborating with me and letting me style you! I had an absolute blast <3