Winter…I had a really great time with you and all…but, this is going to have to end here. I am just not feeling it anymore. It’s not me, it’s you.


You heard it, this is my last Winter look on the blog. Quite frankly, (and maybe not so surprisingly) I have had it up to here with Winter, lol. I’ve been getting too cold and too wet and it’s playing with my outfit planning (Yes, this is a first world problem, I know). Realistically, I am not just gonna start wearing Spring clothes tomorrow: I don't control the weather. But, in the spirit of manifesting dreams of days in the Sun and bright colors, I figured I’d start sharing snippets of Spring fashion with you all in the coming blog posts. 


But, before we do that, I want to share a power-driven layered look. This look is what happens when feminine style and an offbeat aesthetic become best friends. When I curated this look, I knew that I wanted to throw out any rules out there about crop tops and: 1- Be a size 18 and wear a crop top 2- Wear the crop top in a way that was ME 3- Give an otherwise elegant piece some grit



So, in the words of Gus Portokalos...

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Pearled crop top: Fashionnova Curve  *ABOUT THE FIT: If you wanna buy this crop top and you're bust is on the smaller side, I suggest going a size down.*

Graphic tee (see below for similar styles):


Camel coat (see below for similar styles):


White boots (see below for similar styles): 

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Photography by Molly M.

Editing by me