Instant Eid

This post is like instant ramen noodles: I cooked it up real quick and it’s hella good.

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I didn’t really plan to share this look on the blog with you guys because it was super last minute and one of those Eid looks that you just cross your fingers will come in the mail on time. Praise be to God it came in on time, fit me well *random dance party*, and was exciting to style.

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I know you’re probably just going to want to scroll down and peep the links for the look but before you do that, a quick About The Fit moment: whenever I shop Target’s Who What Wear collection, I find their sizing to be quite inconsistent and challenging- my size is different for every article of clothing that I buy from the brand. A 2X in this top would have fit me perfectly but did not fall on my bottom comfortably - it was tight, so I had to order a 3X and its pretty oversized, but I usually prefer that form of style when it comes to buttoned tops like these.

*Just keep that in mind if you decide to buy this top*

OH! And, I've got MAD love for these Premme pants. I am so in love.

*Wearing a size 1x and fits perfectly*

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Well, I’ll stop talking my mouth off and keep things quick: for all of you celebrating, I wish you a wonderful Eid full of blessings and gratitude. And for those of you that are not celebrating, I hope this week treated you with love and I hope your weekend is full of life.

With love and a happy tummy, 

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Shop The Look

Top - Who What Wear for Target

Pleated Pants - Premme

Flats - ASOS (Similar here)

Bag - A New Day for Target

Eye makeup details: I just basically drenched my entire eye lid in the color Sokoto from The Saharan Palette from Juvia's Place (Shop here)

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