Lost In Reverie

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Let’s envision this: it’s a warm Summer’s day. It’s about, hmm…I want to say a little before sunset. It’s golden hour. There’s a copper light that exudes a fieriness that doesn’t make you overheated, but gives you that summer glow very few people get to experience fully. Maybe you’re in Havana…maybe you’re in Capri. Maybe you’re in a city that’s yet to get the recognition it deserves from others, but at least its gotten yours. 

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Your only concern is where your next coffee stop is going to be. The night is unplanned, intentionally. Whatever the sun says goes and you’re cool with it. You’re (don’t hate me for saying it) vibing. You’re content. You’re taking in all that you are and everything/one around you.

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I’ll always say this: just like music, clothing can transport you, even if it's just for a quick second. This outfit took me to an exuberant setting that made me feel untroubled.

In the past couple of months, valuing the littlest of victories, happy moments, and empowering feelings have been one of the best ways that I have found to remain grateful and appreciative of my surroundings and the people in my life.

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And with that, I just want to thank you for being so wonderful to me. I am happy that this weird thing we call the Internet has brought us together. Before you go, I suggest we all take a quick mental trip to our desired destination.

Mine is a small underrated town on an island of Greece. What’s yours?

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What I Wore:

Pants - Fashion Nova

*About The Fit: wearing a size 3x and they feel like heaven, I am 5' 4" and they're long if I don't wear some form of a heel**

Tuxedo Blazer - Simply Be

Top - and.comfort

*I consider myself a t-shirt connoisseur and this is probably the nicest quality and most comfy tee I've ever had*

Shoes - Zara

*I am so sad to say that I could not find these anywhere online*

Bag - Thrift Town

Sunglasses - Amazon

Hairpiece - Miniso (couldn't find online)

Photography by Yasmeen

Editing by Me