Asfurah Collab Part 1 x Cross Stitched Clutch

 Happy Friday, The Smiling Sweetheart Squad. Now, my email subscribers have been in the loop on this one, but now I get to let you all know that I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with the designer and creator of Asfurah, Nawal Hassouneh. Why am I collaborating with her? Aside from the fact that Nawal's designs are beautiful, her brand is inline with what The Smiling Sweetheart stands for:

"Asfurah is not just about being fashionable, it's about body positivity, and being comfortable in your own skin. At the end of the day, what we wear is only one part of who we are. I want Muslim girls to celebrate every part of themselves." 

- Nawal Hassouneh, Designer and Creator of Asfurah

The Smiling Sweetheart, more than anything, is a platform that teaches you that the power of embracing who you are is stronger than anything you could ever wear. But, wearing beautiful things doesn't hurt and they can be just what you need to express your creativity. 

I was so excited to style this incredibly well made cross stitched clutch. The minute Nawal showed it to me I thought of all the fun looks I could create. The clutch is stitched in three key colors: green, red, and a mustard-like yellow. The outfits that could come out of this clutch are endless, so I decided to take the more dressed up- ready-for-Thanksgiving-dinner route. My "festive" uniform is a scuba skater skirt, tights, and heeled ankle booties. Figuring out what top I'd wear was an easy task because I knew I had to bring out the mustard yellow in the clutch with this knit sweater from Old Navy. 

Asfurah will be launching this clutch on 11/12/16, so stay tuned on their Instagram to get the inside scoop when it hits the site along with other goodies to come.

Thank you for reading <3 See you on Monday!

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