5 Quick Tips To Keep You Keeping On

A Note To Myself And Maybe To You, Too...

A few days ago I tweeted …

Now, this is not for sympathy; this is just for realness and being upfront with you guys. In the past few months, heck, year, to be honest, I’ve had to make a lot of adult decisions. Decisions, that for me, were really new and different, and honestly difficult. For others, these decisions may have been easy or not holding as much power as I thought they did. And, as my tweet said, I am tired. I am still tired and I am not sure when I’ll get out of it. But, there have been a few things I have continued to tell myself to help me push through and keep on and some valuable lessons that I have learned:

1 -Calm Down. Seriously, Just Breathe.

Your concerns are valid, but they’re not as powerful as you think. Everything you’re feeling is okay, there’s nothing wrong with what you are feeling or experiencing. Don't forget to pause and remind yourself to breathe with intent and care.

2 -This Is Temporary: Put Things Into Perspective.

 A year ago you had other things on your radar that you were stressed about, that occupied your thinking...but look at where you are now. This will pass, life will move on. Just ride the wave.

3 -Yes, You Can Say “No.” In Fact, You Should Say It More.

 Why are you so scared to tell people “No.”? Why do you find every other solution to avoid being upfront and saying “No.”. 

4 -Mental Health Days Are Not Just Important, They’re Vital.

 Not wanting to talk to anyone or do anything for a day because life has been a bit hard, is OK. You do not need to validate yourself, though that may be a challenge sometimes.

5 -Self Love Is A Whole Lot More Than Just Telling Yourself You’re Awesome.

 I feel like I almost just really started on my journey of self-love and empowerment (I will be talking more about this on the blog soon), but loving yourself is no easy task. There are little things you can do that may make all the difference. Loving yourself and empowering yourself can be done in just cleaning your makeup brushes, decluttering your room, giving yourself a glam makeover for no reason, going on a walk by yourself while you blast Beyonce, and spending a day watching old Disney movies.


In progress and with love,


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