What I Learned In 2018

I am keeping it short, sweet, and real with you all: I have no clue what in the world 2018 was. Not a single clue. But, I remain grateful as it’s taught me many lessons and helped me grow the hell up.

Here are the lessons that I will take with me into 2019…

**Comfort and calmness are great, but the two can suffocate you and your growth…and, you probably won’t even notice.

**The minute you start to ask others for reassurance is probably a sign that you are doubting yourself and the thoughts in your head. The weight of other expectations will keep you drowning and begging for air to breathe. Be careful.

** No one deserves any power to make you feel lesser than, scared, or unimportant — A large factor of this has been my journey in my faith. Whatever you believe in, I’ve learned that it has to continuously be part of your core. In everything you do and in everyone you view. I spent a lot of 2018 giving way too much power to others over me. Allowing myself to panic over what they thought of me, what they would do or how they’d react - ultimately forgetting that the only thing that deserved my energy and power, was my faith. That was, and is, a tough pill to swallow.

**Act and react on emotion #2, not emotion #1 - The emotions you initially feel as you react to something are incredibly valid. How your mind feels at that moment and what your body is trying to tell you, should be attended to. But, making decisions based on that emotion, won’t really serve you. Pause. Feel all the feels ( you laugh, but it's true). Then, allow emotion #2 to approach, and then act.


**Your intuition is your main B — trust her. She’s usually correct.

**Multiple streams of income are where it’s at. Not everyone is going to get that. But, trust.

**Even when shit has hit the fan and you are at the lowest in your life, someone will always have it worse than you. But, that does not mean, and never will mean, that your feelings are not valid or that they should be internalized.

**Saying “So what.” is so liberating. As someone who takes to heart every mistake I have made and rethinks every past and potential "What if?", saying “So what” demystifies the imaginary gravity of scenarios and situations that your mind creates.

**It’s okay to step back and stay in your lane as you try to figure things out.

And, with that, I say: thank you so much for a great year. Wishing you absolute goodness this 2019.