Journal Entry: 10 Thoughtful Reminders From Your Virtual BFF

Your early 20's are weird. Granted I am comparing them to what little chapters of my life that I've had so far: middle school, high school years and whatever college was. But, one thing I know for sure is that they’re weird. In just the 10 years of being in your 20's, a whole lot yet a whole little seems to happen. Some of us have just left college, trying to figure the world out. Some of us are sacrificing a lot just to survive. Some of us feel like everyone else on social media and in real life has it completely figured out. Some of us feel like we’ve completely failed at reaching for our goals…or maybe we just cleaned the lenses that we were viewing the world with a little.

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Throughout our 20s we get placed on a path that guides us in cementing our most honest identity. And an integral part in owning your truth and your authenticity is leaning in to every part of you. The parts that make you sad. The parts that you may regret. The parts that you may need to give a little more attention to. The parts where you made mistakes. The parts that are unequivocally incredible. The parts of you that keep knocking at your door asking for love and attention. The parts that you don't want to talk about or come to terms with. It's the most intense yet empowering journey to embark on: simultaneously full of freedom, power, and responsibility.

We're all in different phases of that journey, but if you're feeling under pressure, stress or just in a weird phase in your life, I just wanted you to know I am here for you. You're not alone and sometimes you’ve got to remind yourself that it’s all gonna be okay. So…

Here are 10 thoughtful reminders from a virtual BFF:

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1 - Pause. Stop in your tracks and calm down. You might feel like you're floating and it's okay. But, taking time mentally here and there will give you peace.

2 - Own your mistakes, but don't live with them. It is what it is and that's okay.

3 - No, they don't have it all figured out. They're seriously struggling with something behind the likes and comments. Don't let Instagram fool you.

4 - Their success has nothing to do with the potential of yours. Look at their achievements and say "Good for them, I wish them ease." and move along in your journey.

5 - Anger is often times rooted in pain. If you are angry, I wish you relief and love.

6 - Nothing ever really matters THAT much. Life will move on and so will you. Let it go.

7 - Stop hunching over your desk. Release the stress in your shoulders. Stand up. Your body deserves better care.

8 - You're doing great. "Could have. Would have. Should have" - Pause. You will continue to eat yourself alive if every dialogue with yourself is rooted in regret. You are doing the best you can.

9 - No. It won't be like this forever. Nothing is permanent and it WILL get better.

10 - Despite what everyone else is saying, your gut knows what it's talking about. Listen to it.

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