All Black With a Little Plaid

Hey, Mona, can you wear anything other than black please? Yes, but not today. It’s time for an all (mostly) black outfit. Although this is a more "dress up" look for me (since it doesn’t include sneakers) it’s actually super simple. It’s behind the layering. This longline slide-sit jacket  from Wet Seal is super light which I love because I plan on wearing it all throughout all the seasons. Moment of honesty, though, I definitely wished that I had ironed it prior to wearing because it ended up being really crinkly. The pants are also from Wet Seal and OMG they are amazing. They’re very similar to slacks/workwear pants, but they are much more comfortable because of the elastic belt. I like more form fitting pants because I feel like they flatter my figure the most. Sometimes when you buy form fitting pants, it’s hard to keep the more classy or professional factor that you might be looking for. But, these pants came to the rescue and I’m so glad that I bought them.

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