Jacquard Jacket Take Two

In one of my very first blog posts I featured this jacquard jacket from ASOS. That was back when the weather was still pretty warm and I wasn’t able to wear it as much. But, since the weather has been rainy and cold, I had to bring the jacket back out and style it in a more season appropriate manner. Ankle boots and mustard colored tops, thank you so much for making this outfit possible. I could not have done it without you. 

Side note: If you haven't read the first post I featured this jacket in, I basically mentioned that the jacket was initially a color challenge for me. And, it still is. However, I like it. I love that every time I want to wear it, I am motivated to think of a variety of ways to wear it.

Photographed by Rimsha Siddiqui @simplyrealistic

Shop the Look: (* I am saddened to say that the jacket is out of stock. However, I did some digging for y'all and found other embroidered jacquard jackets that I think are super cute.)