My Wardrobe Essential

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This vest has been a staple piece in my closet for the past 3 years. I love it because I’ve been able to style it so many ways, for every season. When it comes to dressing up for warmer weather, a lot of people’s first instinct is to reach for a dress. But, I love that this vest can take a blouse or tee and give it a “dressed up” boost with any pair of heels, like these heels from Tobi. What’s one piece in your closet that you love re-wearing and restyling?

I have to be upfront with you guys. As I put together looks and dish out my styling preferences and techniques, I am going to repeat certain pieces that you may have seen before. Realistically, I love being able to wear pieces in my closet in a variety of ways. I’ve previously mentioned that before I buy anything, unless it's a unique piece that I really just can’t pass up, I think of at least two to three ways I could wear it with the current items in my closet.