Let The Rain Fall

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Let The Rain Fall...

In collaboration with YoursClothing

It’s been raining off and on the past few weeks where I live and I'm collaborating with YoursClothing to share what a rainy day outfit might look like in my closet and how easy it is to put together one with items in your wardrobe. Rain is a great chance to bundle up and wear an array of layers. We’re talking whatever coats meet your taste, scarves, turtlenecks, knit sweaters, wearable and stylish boots and, occasionally if you are smart and prepared an umbrella. With all that in mind, this is what I would call the ultimate outfit for a super casual rainy day at a coffee shop reading a book, doing some work, or hanging with a friend. It’s not only comfortable but also warm, which is important because for some reason coffee shops have a tendency to freeze its visitors to death by blasting the AC. I’ve had one too many experiences with working in coffee shops and having to leave because it got too cold. If you’ve been there, this outfit combo will have you covered. 

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Scarf - YoursClothing

Jacket - YoursClothing 

Turtleneck - Yours Clothing

Chelsea Boots - YoursClothing

Tote Shopper Bag - YoursClothing

Jeans - FashionNova

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Here’s the Style Rundown:

The jacket’s lining is quilted on the inside and the hood is lined with sherpa. The outside has a coated matte like texture to it, immediately warning rain not to mess with you.

As for the boots, three words: 1- Sturdy, 2- BEYOND comfortable, 3- Cute as hell. If you’re looking for a quality pair of Chelsea boots, these are it.

Turtleneck and scarf: Made with what I believe every article of clothing should be made of: warmth and smoothness.

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Disclaimer: This post was in collaboration with YoursClothing. Links are non-affiliate and all opinions are my own.

Photography By Yasmeen