Be Ok With A Bouquet


Wait, wait, wait. Don’t do it. Don’t roll your eyes at the title of this post. I know, I know. I promise I am not some Valentine's Day obsessed person. I just wanted to create a look for you ladies going out with your significant other or your girl squad (Currently team #GalentinesDay over here). I know on Valentine's Day the most common colors are pink and red. And while pink is my favorite color, the first color I gravitate towards will always be black, even when it comes to dressy clothing. A simple LBD is often the answer to what to wear on a night out. But, a black dress with floral print takes that LBD to a whole other level. Opting for such a dress gives you the chance to create a more feminine and festive vibe. I topped the look off with a tailored and more sophisticated leather jacket because it’s still Winter and I get cold, lol. Shoes are a simple choice when it comes to this look, I opted for a black sandal but any black minimal heel in your closet will do just fab. 

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Black Faux Leather Jacket With Quilted Shoulders - YoursClothing

Black & Ivory Floral Wrap Over Jersey Midi Dress - YoursClothing

Grey & Nude Reversible Roll Top Ba - YoursClothing

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Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. Some of the items were kindly gifted to me by YoursClothing and I wanted to share them with you all. They did not sponsor this post. Some of the shoppable items in this post are affiliate links. If you choose to use my link to purchase that item I receive a commission. Feel free to search the product on your own and not use my link!