Thanksgiving Outfit Inspo Series- Volume 3

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My absolute favorite post of the year is officially *and finally* here. It's been quite a while since I have created this much content for something and it really reminded me of why I love blogging and all that it encompasses. It's so much fun to plan ideas and looks for you guys and take in all of the feedback that I crowdsource from you all via Instagram. I really prioritize on keeping the looks and posts that I curate for you guys as real and authentic as possible. It's always enjoyable to put together fashion forward and inspirational looks for you guys, but there's nothing like keeping it real and knowing that you can't (and honestly shouldn't) buy a new look anytime there's an event - you gotta work with what you got! With that in mind, I asked you guys simple questions like whether you actually dress up for the holiday and bother wearing heels or if you couldn't care less and just opt for whatever the mood that day ends up to be. The responses were exciting because those of you that loved to dress up were intrigued by the chance to style-up sneakers, and so many of you that never dress up, wanted to take this year as a chance to enjoy some glamour.

My tip for you as you scroll through this year's lookbook is to view it with a wider scope: you'll see that there are 5 options that you can pick from to rock at a Friendsgiving, your Thanksgiving dinner with family and/or whatever other holiday-based social occasions you may attend. After that, put on your creative thinking cap and take a look at your wardrobe and ask yourself  "How can I build a killer look using 70% of what I already own?" My hope is that the diversity of these looks gives you the recipes you need to make an iconic look by combining your closet faves with one or two standout pieces. Because, when I created these looks for you guys, I did just that. I have way too much stuff, to where it's honestly wasteful and doesn't feel right. I picked a few key pieces from brands like ASOS, Jessica London and Target that you could click to shop and used items I love from my closet to make the look whole.

With that I say, get your creative mind cooking and enjoy:

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The Style Recipe

Double the knits, double the fun? You got that right. This look was all a matter of being unafraid to mix different knits and shades of grey to create a multidimensional monochromatic look. If you have a pair of thigh high boots, this would be a prime outfit example to pair them with. With a straight knit skirt, it's easy to lose your shape and if that's not something you want, you can throw on a belt like I did to create more structure.

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Marled coat - Similar

Boots - RWN by Rawan

Skirt - ASOS

Sweater - Jessica London #gifted

Belt - Similar

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The Style Recipe

I called this the "Leathered and Unbothered" look because, at its core, it entails throwing on a leather jacket and calling it a day. It can be easily built using pieces you probably already have in your closet - grab your favorite turtleneck, comfiest pair of blue denim, and black boots (doesn’t have to be chunky), and throw on a leather jacket! If you have all the pieces for this look in your closet but you're looking for a pair of killer boots, I say these are so worth the investment! And, remember, it honestly always comes down to how you style and accessorize a look.

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The Style Recipe

Did not think I'd ever find myself wearing a leopard printed dress. Leopard shoes? Bag? Jacket? Sure. Dress? Um...But, I am so glad I did! This is one of those outfits where if you're wanting to make a statement and go all out, it will do just that. I had pretty much everything in this look in my closet already: black and gold heels, black coat, and DIY velvet belt. My drive behind purchasing this Daisy Street leopard dress was the fact that it simultaneously allowed me to dress formal but feel incredibly comfortable (no Spanx neccesary ) in its stretchy and loose Viscose material.

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The Style Recipe

Sneakers, sneakers, sneakers. You guys asked, and I *hope* I delivered. If you're looking to wear sneaks this holiday season, there are so many ways to go about it but in the spirit of switching things up, I introduce to you the plaid PANTSUIT. This look is as simple as 3 key ingredients, white sneaks, white tee, and this Ava & Viv set.

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Get The Look

Blazer - Target (wearing 1x)

Pants - Target (wearing 18)

Shoes - Target

Bag - Target

All Black.jpg

The Style Recipe

I am bias only because, as we all know, black will always be one of my power colors. I am sure some of you will roll your eyes and say "All black? Again? On a holiday? You're taking the easy way out." Fine. Okay. Maybe you're right. But, here's where things are actually different. Similar to the first look of this outfit series, I always suggest that if you're going to do a monochromatic look, you should have fun with textures, fabrics, and dimensions. They make what may otherwise be a muted look into something intriguing. These tasseled wide-leg culottes were the perfect amount of texture to take an annoyingly overdone color scheme into a look that'll turn heads. And, to top it all off, this look is your best chance to wear those loud statement earrings you have been finding an occasion for.

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Get The Look

Blazer - Target & here

Pants - ASOS * SIZE DOWN!*

Top - Two layered black tank tops

Heels - Similar

Earrings - Similar

Bag - Similar

Giving Thanks

Giving Back

You may recall that last year I shared some causes that were looking for donations. This year, I reached out to some of you to see what causes were near and dear to your hearts. If you're looking to support charities within the TSS community, check out the ones below. 

  • Wildfire Relief Fund - “...supports intermediate and long-term recovery efforts for major California wildfires, as well as preparedness efforts.”

  • 4 Jake’s Sake -“...helps families who have children with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy."

  • The Play Brigade -“...creating opportunities for inclusive play, recreation, and sports, where everyone participates and belongs, regardless of age or ability. Not for profit, but for the common good."

  • Islamic Relief - “International humanitarian organization that provides development programs and humanitarian relief around the globe, regardless of race, political affiliation, gender or belief."

  • St. Jude’s - “...leading children's hospital pioneering research and treatments for kids with cancer and other life-threatening diseases"

  • Children’s Tumor Foundation -“drives research, expands knowledge, and advances care for the NF community."

The Friendsgiving Mixtape

A playlist in honor or my faves and friends and in celebration of the holiday of mashed potatoes and giving thanks - a mixtape full of everything and anything to make your Friendsgiving/Thanksgiving a great one.


Thank you guys so much for always being so supportive on every platform, for reading and following along. I am so grateful the world of social media/the Internet connected us. Sending you love and good vibes, and wishing you a happy holiday! 

- Mona, The Smiling Sweetheart

Photography by @simplyrealistic - Thank you so much, Rimsha!

Editing & graphics by me