A Serendipitous Style Story

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No prime outfit is ever made without a title bit of a story. This dress? Oh yeah, it’s definitely stellar. But, this jacket? Well, let me tell you…actually, nope. I take that back, let me de-hype it because it’s not that exciting. It is, however, one of my best sale stories. I've been treating ASOS like a social media platform since before I even knew what social media really was. A serendipitous moment of ASOS scrolling and style destiny in 2015 brought me and this legendary leather jacket together. Originally ~$120 (I know it was above $100 just not 100% sure of exact amount) and I got it on sale for $45. So, if I want to wear it 3 years later, I will - blogger or not. My mom always said, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” So, Miss Leather Jacket, you’re staying with me for almost forever because you work so well with old and new items in my closet, like this multi-striped sweater dress.

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I did some scouting and found as similar as I could of a leather jacket for you guys. But, my best and biggest tip to take away from today’s blog post, if you love something, wear it as longgggg as you’d like =)

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