Vivacious White

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Let’s talk about all-white everything, shall we? Time and time again we’ve shared how many of us love dressing in all-black but in the spirit of switching things up, having fun and not being afraid to try new things I was excited to curate this look for you guys.

Here’s the real deal, though (I hate to make it about this but that’s just how it is right now): an all-white look warrants for a little more vulnerability. I feel like with wearing all black people often utilize it to hide. But, with wearing all white, particularly in this sense I feel like I am kind of baring it all. It’s definitely one of those “See me” colors. I truly feel that by donning all-white my “flaws” are more out in the open and viewable.

If there’s anything the past two years have taught me it’s that I only ever grow and feel genuine traction in my personal development when I face my fears, no matter their size, head-on.

Yeah. You’re right. It’s just an outfit. But, I think for a lot of people it’s a massive step in the right direction. I believe that each of us has every right to want better and more for ourselves. And, I think that looks different and feels different for everyone. This is just one of many ways that I believe helps me (and hopefully some of you) take full ownership of all that I am and embrace it optimistically.

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Wearing all-white reminds me to live life authentically, unapologetically and vivaciously.  

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Duster - Originally from Veiled Vanity, Similar Here, Here, Here & Here

Wide leg trousers- FashionNova *wearing 3x*

Mules - Similar Here

Top - ASOS, Similar Here, Here & Here

Earrings - ASOS, Similar Here

Bag - ZARA

Photography by Molly M. 

Editing by Me