The New Size-Inclusive Brand I'm In Love With: And Comfort

Blogging, you have brought a whole lot of joy into my life. As Joanne, the Scammer says, "Honestly. Truly" you've connected me to so many amazing people from different walks of life who've shared their creativity in a variety of mediums. I've also received the blessing of being connected to so many brands, large and small.

And Comfort is one of those epic businesses. Karine and Jeffrey of And Comfort connected with me via Instagram a few months ago and started crowdsourcing information from me and other plus size shoppers. From the get-go, I loved the story that their feed embodied: minimal yet contemporary and desirable. Fast forward to March of this year and I got to meet them in person to try on some pieces from their new size-inclusive brand focused on elevated basics. Not only were they an absolute joy to meet, but I loved getting to try on their pieces and really get a chance to experience what it was like to see a product go from concept to creation. I also was asked to give my own input and provide some tips I had for improving the measurements for some of their product (which was pretty epic!). Anyone who is a full-time shopper (yes, I am making that a thing) knows that fit is everything and can make or break an item of clothing. So, being able to have a say in that was pretty, flipping awesome.


Thank you so much And Comfort for including me in this incredible launch!

Thank you to...

Photography: Ulysses Ortega

Styling: Candace Hynson

Makeup: Imelda Carrasco

First model pictured: Aku

Second model pictured: Angie

...for all being such kind and inspiring people to work with.


I also got the amazing pleasure of shooting with them for their Lookbook which was super new and different for me. I am no model, but this shoot really pushed me to be more comfortable with myself and my every angle. I also got to work with an extraordinary team (check them all out below) of people to bring to life Karine and Jeffrey's vision and story for their brand. It makes the creative part of my brain really happy to see creators take an idea they stand for and bring it to life.


And Comfort is now live and ready for your love! Head on over for a minimal upgrade to your closet. Take a look

& you can check out the rest of the look book we shot here


*This post was not sponsored, I am simply writing about this brand because I love them and am honored to have been part of the development and creative process.*