4 Albums x 4 Looks: Outfits inspired by the albums of some of my favorite songs

I decided it was about time I dropped a solid amount of Style Rundown content on the blog - with a little twist of course. Thanks to SheIn, I had a mini shopping spree and picked up some pieces that caught my eye and created four wildly random and different outfits that were inspired by the albums of four favorite songs. So much of what we wear and do is impacted by everything going on around us. Music happens to be one of the external factors that shapes my wardrobe greatly - and I'm talking more than just band tees. From how a song makes you feel to the visuals in an artist's music video to even the graphics of the album cover, there's so much to build and style off of. 

1. Focus x Sigrid + Bell Sleeve Sheer Top

This song by Sigrid will take you on an emotional rollercoaster. But it's one of those rollercoasters you’d see in the kids part of an amusement park: impactful but not too intense. I loved the colors that Sigrid chose for her EP: the subtle mint green and the almost washed out lilac. The lilac really inspired the backdrop for this look and I worked off of the flyness of Sigrid’s outfit on the cover with this sheer button of this top.

Photo Jul 30, 10 51 59 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 02, 1 09 48 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 02, 1 09 48 PM (2).jpg

2. 1950 x King Pricess + Frida Kahlo Portrait Tee

There’s no one that has a killer portrait like Frida but King Princess comes pretty close with the cover for 1950. I pulled the aspects of powerful blue and splashes of bright orange and red. 

Photo Aug 02, 1 09 41 PM (1).jpg
Photo Jul 31, 12 24 34 AM.jpg

3. Someone That Loves You x HONNE + Abstract Graffiti Tee

I don't need to sit here and word vomit my endless love for this HONNE song but I will say that if there was ever a cover that captured the light when it hits the water, it’s this one. The ombre splashes of dark yellow and burnt orange created this look featuring this toasted caramel abstract graffiti tee.

Photo Aug 02, 1 08 52 PM (4).jpg
Photo Aug 02, 1 08 52 PM (1).jpg

4. This Will Be x Natalie Cole + Fit & Flared Lace Dress

This cover had just as much of a role in this look as the song did. It’s like the minute this Natalie Cole song all I want to do is smile and do a happy dance. Essentially, it’s a song about freedom and I wanted what I wore to be free and effortlessly impactful. The faded magenta of the background helped, too =)

Photo Aug 02, 1 08 20 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 02, 1 08 21 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 02, 1 08 21 PM (1).jpg

What I Wore


Bell Sleeve Sheer Top http://bit.ly/2LoimdD Search ID: 491448

Jeans - FashionNova

Shoes - JD Williams

Clutch - JD Williams


Frida Tee http://bit.ly/2JEX72u Search ID: 487675

Jeans - Forever 21 +

Bag - ASOS

Shoes - Christian Siriano for Payless

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Graffiti Top http://bit.ly/2LlVv2r Search ID: 478933

Jeans - Forever 21 +

Mules - New Look


Fit & Flare Dress http://bit.ly/2mwFTv7 Search ID: 455504

Shoes - Call It Spring

Bag - Target

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