Fall Wardrobe Mood Board: 6 Currently Coveted Trends

When I did my spring wardrobe post a lot of you really enjoyed it so I thought to myself let me build off of it and create a bit of a fall mood board for you guys so you can get an idea of what I’m lusting over for this upcoming season and maybe get some ideas of what you want to wear. I’ve shared previously that an integral part of planning your wardrobe for a season is creating a mood board. It sets the tone for your closet and helps you focus on what you really should shop for.

For this A/W 2018 wardrobe mood board,  I included some style concepts that are on trend and some that have no basis to what’s happening on the runway but I genuinely enjoy and want to style.  I've broken them all down for you below. 

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6 Trends 


Currently Coveting

- 1 -


Definitely want to continue wearing plaid like I did last A/W. Checks are back and bigger than ever this season and I don’t plan on buying any new plaid print pieces because I already have some great ones in my closet, but if were to, I am eyeing these:

- 2 -


*NEON. Wait, don’t click out of this webpage yet, I know what you’re thinking “Girl, it’s Fall. We don’t do that.” But, hear me out: I want to start incorporating subtle pops of the neon trend here and there. As someone who sticks to neutrals and the cliche berry colors, I will admit that it’s finally time to switch things up a little. I think I will most likely do this with coats, blazers, sweaters or shoes that I already have or something like these:

- 3 -

The Starring Role That Is The Winter Coat

Chunky, oversized & statement coats: I just want to spend endless days of Fall/Winter wearing heavy coats. That is all. They play the starring role in the colder seasons. And that’s a fact. Here’s some that I firmly believe my wallet should give me permission to buy:


- 4 -

Not-so-practical Bags

 If you’ve been here for a while, you know that function, though important, isn’t a top priority of mine when it comes to accessories. 9 times out of 10, a good crossbody or tote does the job. But, what’s the fun in that? I can confirm that I will be donning my PVC bag from Amazon this season (shop here) There’s something about it that’s so structured yet effortless and I can’t wait to pair it with my coats and chunky knits. Shopper bags like the PVC bag have been a popular item this past Summer but I like the idea of taking them into the Fall. Here are a few other *impractical* accessories that I think you should give a shot:


- 5 -

I'm Glossin'

All thanks go to Harper's Bazaar for introducing me to this "high-shine fabric" trend. I am still formulating my game plan for how I want to incorporate this trend into my wardrobe this season, but I just love the freshness and approachable boldness of a glossy boot or coat. Even a glossy eyeshadow speaks to me. Here are some boots I have saved in my cart:

- 6 -

Mom Jeans

I am not sure what has come over me, but I have been craving a switch up in my denim aesthetic. Boyfriend denim that looks a little more like a pair of mom jeans continuously catches my attention. Washes that I think will stand out this season: medium & dark blue. Incorporating either of the two washes in your looks adds an intriguing roughness to more muted and minimal looks. I have yet to find a pair that works for me just because of issues with fit. But as I’ve been doing research, these have stuck out to me: 

Hope you guys enjoyed!

Till next time, Mona