An Ode To Orange Culottes

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I’ve been blogging and working on The Smiling Sweetheart for almost two years now. If there has been any consistent growth throughout this time, it’s been in my relationship with clothing and confidence. This blog has empowered me to continue moving past those thoughts in my head that tell me I shouldn’t wear something because of the current state of my body or because others will find it unflattering. My outlook has evolved into focusing on how something makes me feel and whether or not it impacts me to move forward in my day, and life as a whole. If you told me that when I was, let’s say 15 years old, I would be standing in front of you guys today on my own domain, sharing my style and wearing these wide leg culotte pants, I would have called you a pathological liar (pardon the hyperbole, I am a drama junkie after all). Back then I would have never had the bravery to wear a pair of orange pants like these - also pretty sure nothing this cute existed in my size at the time. 

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I have found that stepping into pieces we fear gives our confidence a chance to evolve and improve - no matter how slight. In essence, I am writing you today to because I want to encourage you to wear one thing that scares you. No, I don't mean going to a fitting room and trying it on then forgetting about it. I mean renting, buying, or borrowing one piece of clothing that scares the crap out of you and wearing it out in the world for a solid hour. Take the leap to see what just might happen. My take: either you will confirm that the piece you decided to try isn't a vibe for you or you will be happily surprised. Either way, at least you know you gave it a shot and pushed yourself past that voice in your head telling you that you can't.

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Before we part, I want to end what sparked this blog post - call it a random thought, if you will...



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*FTC: This post was not sponsored by Eloquii, but they did send me these pants as a gift. I receive a commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post*

Culottes - ELOQUII

Top - old DIY from H&M, see similar here and here

Shoes - old from New Look, see similar here and here


Blazer - Simply Be