New Comfort

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Yep. You’re right. You probably have seen this look or at least something like it on the blog before. It’s definitely not the first or last, time that I will wear leather with a surprising addition of yellow. My reasoning? Well, this may sound crazy, but I find that when a new year begins, I hold tight onto comfort. Comfort in pretty much everything. Psychologically and socially, we are aware that newness has approached us and we are back at month one, just after finishing the 12th - wait, let me stop you right there. Yeah, I know you’re probably thinking in the back of your head “Yeah, Mona. That’s how everyone is. It’s not a big deal.” You’re right, once again. This is just one of the many trains of thought that somehow make it to the blog. It’s in this time of the year that I find myself clinging to the clothes that make me feel exceptionally good. That makes me feel comfortable and most "me". I find I take fewer style risks at this time of year. Not because of the moody weather and need for functionality, but because I stick to what I know to be tried and true. So yeah, nothing I am saying is fresh news. It’s just a celebration of sometimes staying in your style comfort zone and preparing for the evolution of you as a new set of 12 chapters begin.

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Sweater - H&M

Jacket - Fig + Ivy Collective & Similar Here & Here

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