On The Go

The rules say blazers aren’t for play, but I’ve never really believed in rules anyway. I say switch things the hell up and add a little sport in your step.

Photo Feb 23, 1 34 46 AM.jpg

Ok, Mona. Let's bring it back down to Earth, shall we?

I swear I got new glasses and bam: I am a whole new woman telling you to break the rules and welcome change…

Photo Feb 23, 1 34 18 AM.jpg

It’s very likely that you’re looking at this outfit and saying “Hmm, I probably would have worn that dressy blazer with a pair of heels and dressy pants.” And, I am here to tell you I love that idea AND think you doing the polar opposite of that and throwing on a pair of jeans and sneak with a lined blazer is the way to go, too.

Photo Feb 23, 1 34 37 AM.jpg
Photo Feb 23, 1 36 40 AM.jpg
Photo Feb 23, 1 35 45 AM.jpg

Think of it this way: just by switching the pair of shoes in this look, you can get a completely different effect. For those of you ready to run the corporate workforce, finish the look off with a strappy black sandal. And, for the woman on the go, add a pair of Nike Cortez’ into your bag for a quick and comfy outfit change.

Photo Feb 23, 1 38 30 AM.jpg

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Blazer - Jessica London

Turtleneck - ASOS

Jeans - Similar

Sneakers - Nike

Glasses - Warby Parker

Photography by Yasmeen

Editing by Me