Spring Forward

Not that it wasn’t before, but on a personal level, I can confidently attest to the fact that seasonal depression is a real thing. I used to LONG for rainy days with a cozy knit sweater - in fact, there are even blog posts I’ve written that back that statement up. The end of 2018 made me realize that rain and cold weather are beautiful and we need them. But, my mind is in a MUCH better place when the Sun makes an ongoing appearance.


The minute I saw the Sun this week, all I wanted to do was wear a sundress and flatform sandals. And, that’s just what I did. The weather in Sacramento this weekend was 70 degrees of absolute perfection and everywhere I looked, where there were once trees full of leaves were lilac colored cherry blossoms.

Photo Mar 17, 3 52 23 AM (1).jpg

As Spring continues to make its name known again, I seriously encourage you to go out more often and get your dose of Vitamin D. Rain will come again and you’ll wish you did =)

Photo Mar 17, 3 49 13 AM.jpg
Photo Mar 17, 3 52 37 AM.jpg
Photo Mar 17, 3 48 59 AM.jpg
Photo Mar 17, 3 48 52 AM.jpg

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Shoes - ASOS (wearing 8 wide)

Dress/Skirt - ASOS

Jacket - Similar

Bag -Target (old)