How And Where I Shop For Jewelry

If there's one thing we can all agree on it is that jewelry is the ultimate accessory to any look. It holds the power of sealing the deal that is your outfit of the day. And, more than anything, jewelry is often a personal form of expression. It says a lot about who we are and what we favor, just like any other article of clothing we wear. 


Here and there I will get messages from you guys asking me where I get my jewelry from. And, before I share all my obsessions I have to preface this blog post with the fact that while I LOVE trendy pieces like statement earrings, if it's not on the more minimal side, I likely won't wear it. I use the term "minimal" to indicate simple, but by no means boring.

As I have evolved into my personal style and started to establish what I know I genuinely love, it's helped me nail down brands that are a great fit for me.

My focus when I go jewelry shopping now is to tailor my search using four key personalized filters:

1- Quality

That is: not turning green after a few wears and standing the wear and tear of life. I find that 14K/18K gold plated pieces are an amazing option and don’t tarnish with time. I was recently gifted a 14K gold chain ring from AU-Rate that I love wearing and not having to worry about it losing its shine. Pieces that are 14K/18K gold plated are easy to clean as well, so if you find that they are looking a little dull you can use a jewelry wipe.


Shop My Quality Faves:

2- Aesthetic (and versatility)

This means making sure that a jewelry piece is a stylistic fit for me and can grow with me as my wardrobe evolves. I usually know exactly what is and is not my style but sometimes I also won’t know it till I see it - it’s part of the fun any way! SAYRAN is probably one of my absolute favorite jewelry brands because it’s aesthetic and entire brand as a whole is unique and honest to god, so cool. The amount of DMs I get asking about where I got my eye necklace from is crazy and I always direct them to SAYRAN. 


3 - Affordability

Here’s the deal: if I am not purchasing an item that is 100% gold or a diamond, it should be affordable and not make a major dent in my wallet. ETSY does this part so right! I always have success in finding minimal and personalized pieces that range between $20 - $100 (without insane shipping fees).

Shop My Etsy Faves:

4 - Size inclusivity

This is still something that a lot of brands are growing to catch up with and that’s okay, but if I brand doesn’t sell pieces that fit it can be a challenge. I recently discovered Shop Poirier that sells inclusive demi-fine jewelry for sizes 7 to 13. I have yet to purchase their pieces but I love everything that I see come out of their Instagram. In this realm, I’ve also had success with Fantasy Jewelry Box because they go up to size 11 in rings - definitely worth checking out!

2019-06-10 16_41_33.743.JPG

Some Other Places I Love To Shop:

Nadiandlo - this is where you can find my lightening bolt necklace!

TJ Maxx - I have had a lot of success finding designer pieces at a discounted price. This is where I found my Michael Kors padlock necklace you’ve seen me wear often.

WearThePeace - You can find my “Love” necklace in Arabic here

Thrift Stores - this is probably one of the best places to hit the jackpot. Be patient and take your time looking through jewelry piles at your local thrift/vintage stores!

Nadri @ Nordstrom - I love, love, LOVE this brand! Always affordable and great for gift giving, too!

Like so many of us fed up, anti-mall shoppers, I almost always take my jewelry purchasing experience to the world of e-commerce and boutique designers. Over the past few years, with the power of endless searching, I have found some sites, brands, and designers that created pieces that have become staples + new essentials in my jewelry box. But, I am always searching for new places to help me level up my accessories game, where do you love to shop for jewelry?

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