Lyrically Led

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I was driving the other day, listening to one of the songs on my April playlist and a lyric instantly caught my attention. My thoughts started going off in my head about how sometimes lyrics, for me, sum up (or better explain) what I am thinking and feeling. In a way, they’re this validation from someone you likely have never met but feel so understood by. Some of you may just want me to jump right into this look and don't worry, I will (see below). But as you scroll through this post, here are a series of lyrics that represent what I have been vibing to this past month. Yes, you got that right. I am just going to insert lyric quotes within every shot. They do an impeccable explaining what makes my heart skip a beat, feel at home and overjoyed.

**And, if you are looking to add context and melody to every lyric, take a listen to the song ;)

I am unfinished, I’ve got so much left to learn
— Ben Platt, "Grow As We Go"
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But the coffee never tastes the same, yeah...I drink so much, I guess they call it love
— Grace, "Coffee"
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Don’t you dare say tomorrow...I’m talking ‘bout right now..who’s gonna love me right now?
— Emeli Sande, "Right Now"
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Don’t you worry about a thing nah...Cause if you work hard
You can get it if you work...If you strive hard...You can be just what you want...If you work hard...You can climb the mountain tall...Cause nothing is too small and nothing is too big
— Teni, "Uyo Meyo"
And I’ll ride with you till one hundred and forty four
— Adekunle Gold, "Promise"
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I believe in know the door to my very soul
— PJ Morton ft. YEBBA, "How Deep Is Your Love"
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I’ma keep on running cause a winner don’t quit on themselves
— Beyonce, "Freedom"
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Lost in the world for a minute, ain’t coming back again
— Maleek Berry, "Lost In The World"

Style Rundown

This satin slip midi skirt makes my style soul satisfied. ASOS just gets me. They truly get me - and my wallet. I find myself therapeutically scrolling through the iPhone app and favoriting anything that sparks my interest. All the style rage right now is satin dresses, tops, skirts - the list goes on! *See pic of Kylie Jenner #killingit at Coachella in a satin set this past Sunday* I knew I wasn’t going to hop on the trendy party bus unless I was sure I’d have some fun. And, this skirt had me sold.

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