The Versatility Of A Button Up Top (In Collaboration With Torrid)


I always have fun doing posts like these for you guys and it seems you all really enjoy them because they showcase the versatility of the clothing in your wardrobe. This one is exciting because I am collaborating with Torrid to showcase their new line of button-up tops for 3 social settings: work-life, date/girls dinner night, and streetstyle inspired. A white button-up top has always been an essential in my closet because of how many ways you can style it, both up and down. Check out my style rundown of each look below, shop the pieces, and watch the 3 Looks In Action.


So, here’s the deal with this look. It covered two keys things that are extremely important, in my opinion, if you are working in an office setting. 1) The pants are actually not jeans, they are similar to a slack but with a jegging-stretch feel. No, they’re not sweats but they’re pretty darn close to them if you ask me. 2) The knit cardigan coat embodies everything it means to be warm and comfortable. The ultimate solution to feeling bone-cold because the AC in your office decided it wanted to be Antarctica for the afternoon. A simple tucking in of the button up with a belt is what you may say is the epitome of a workwear look, aside from a suit that is. The bag and shoes are the what amp up the classic workwear look, showing people that you not only value comfort but you have some pretty darn good taste.


Shop The "Work-life" Look

White Cotton Long Sleeve Collared Button Up Shirt

High Collar Sweater Coat

Black Skinny Pant

Structured Crossbody Handbag

Loafers (I'd go half a size up, even though they're wide they run a bit snug)

Faux Suede Belt

date night/Dinner with friends

It’s 2018 and boy do I love me some wide leg trousers/palazzo pants. I think a lot of times those of us with larger and curvier bodies hesitate from clothing items that might be baggy or looser fitting but NAHHHH. Here’s my take: if you feel like a Queen, who cares. These pants make me feel genuinely good. AND, major plus, they are not see-through which, if you ask me, is a miracle in and of itself. A pair of killer heels, a jeweled clutch, and earrings instantly take the top that you probably wore to work and made it fun. I wore a black tank top under so that I could open up the top and create some more structure to the look. If you are comfortable wearing bralettes or lace camisoles, a buttoned collared top is just the right look to pair them with.


Shop The "Date Night/Dinner With Friends" Look

White Cotton Long Sleeve Collared Button Up Shirt

Rhinestone Minaudière Clutch

Tie Front Wide Leg Pant


Earrings are from Walmart this past Summer that I did a little DIY on

Streetstyle Inspired

This is my fave because street style often favors the bold, eclectic, and sporadic styles that a lot of people have. I get major rocker vibes from this look, and I’m not mad about it. You may have seen on my Instagram photos or here on the blog that I like tucking half of my button tops into my denim and finishing it up with a belt. I know it’s not for everyone's taste, but I love the juxtaposition. The belt and the heels called my name the minute I saw them on the Torrid site, something told me they deserved to be styled together. And the bag, well, all I can say is how many times am I allowed to wear it??




3 Looks In Action

Photography By Molly M.