Styling SheIn Plus & About The Fit

Man, oh man, am I glad to see (write to?) you guys. It's been a hot minute since the blog has had some action. I came down with what felt like the plague for a week and a half and it wiped me and all of my motivation out. But, it’s the first week of the New Year and I am welcoming all the posts and awesome adventures that 2018 will have for The Smiling Sweetheart.

I want to thank you guys again so much for being so supportive and engaging here on the blog and on my social media accounts. Your kind and uplifting comments do not go unnoticed.

I am super excited to share a new brand I just discovered this past month. A few weeks ago SheIn reached out to me to do a social media collaboration on their recently launched plus line, so I decided to check them out. SheIn is one of those sites that are similar to Romwe. They are a fast fashion retailer that originate from China. One of my apprehensions to the brand was their sizing, particularly for their plus line. I found myself on Youtube looking up different reviews and lookbooks from other curve bloggers donning their SheIn and was happily surprised. I learned that the sizing for every single item in the plus collection is different than the next, so that is definitely one thing you want to pay close attention to when shopping. And, that’s exactly what I did.

Check out the two items I styled in collaboration with SheIn below. I give all the About The Fit deets.

Two Tone Slit Sleeve Jumper

SheInSweaterBlack (16 of 17).jpg

The largest size this sweater went up to was 3x and based on the reviews from women who were similar in size to me, I figured the fit would be fine. Upon trying it on, I do wish it was a little longer and looser, just for my own personal style. Overall, it does fit really well and the sleeves are my absolute favorite part. The collar is a bit tight for me, as someone who basically has no neck... lol. So, if you don’t like closed collars, this isn’t for you. The sweater is not itchy-God bless. It’s the type of sweater that you could layer with if you wanted to, but certainly don't have to.

SheInSweaterBlack (14 of 17).jpg
SheInSweaterBlack (13 of 17).jpg

Shop The Look

Two Tone Slit Sleeve Jumper - SheIn // Use code "thesmil20" for $$ off

Bag - Forever 21

Mules - ASOS

Denim - Fashion Nova

Eyelet Detail Oversized Drop Shoulder Jumper


SheInSweaterRED (9 of 18).jpg

This sweater is a bit of an oversized style, so for that reason I knew I’d be fine with picking a 3x (measurements for SHEIN here). Quality wise, I am really content, the sweater isn’t itchy and it actually keeps you warm.

SheInSweaterRED (17 of 18).jpg
SheInSweaterRED (13 of 18).jpg

Shop The Look

Eyelet Detail Oversized Drop Shoulder Jumper - SheIn // Use code "thesmil20" for $$ off

Denim - Forever 21

Boots - Express (out of stock)

Bag  - ASOS (out of stock)

AND! You can see the two Looks In Action on my Youtube.

Discloser: Instagram and Youtube content regarding this post is sponsored by SheIn. Affiliate links are used. All opinions are my own.

Shein did not, however, sponsor this blog post. Affiliate links are used. All opinions are my own.

Photography By Yasmeen