Part 1: Journey to International Style Institute

Hey guys! A post on a Thursday? I know I usually post Mondays and Wednesdays but some thing's are poppin’ this week and thought you’d enjoy hearing about ‘em. 

I am on my way right now from Sacramento to the International Style Institute’s Content Creation event in Los Angeles. I am really looking forward to meeting other awesome bloggers and content creators. I am the type of person that thrives when I collaborate and work with other people. I genuinely enjoy working with others who might have a different way of thinking or doing. It’s both inspiring and great for my growth. And, the outcome is almost always awesome. I also love any opportunity to learn from others. I am a firm believer that a conversation with someone or listening to them talk about what they have gone through can be more valuable than a textbook.

What Is the International Style Institute? 

“The international style institute is a 3-day intensive course that provides creative individuals with the education to cultivate their brand while learning all they need to know to build a successful career from industry experts.” (Read more here.

Why “Content Creation”? 

The fashion, marketing, and business industry is continuously growing and the opportunities to express oneself have fundamentally changed. That’s where content creation and sharing comes in. The International Style Institute puts it best: “Content creation has quickly become the most visible way to express your personal style in a range of verticals”. Everything we do is a form of self expression, whether its the clothes we wear or the food we eat, it is all a reflection of ourselves. 

How Did I Hear About It?

I was just recently in the Los Angeles area at The Grove and my mom noticed a stand with an ad for the event and felt like it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

The ad I saw recently at The Grove in LA, CA.

How to Attend: 

There are a few options for signing up for the event. You can pick to go to one day out of the three, or choose the VIP route which let’s you go all three days. Before purchasing, I recommend searching for discount codes on social media, particularly Instagram I found a lot on there. In the process of signing up, I thought I’d reach out to the Int’l Institute of Style’s Facebook page to see if, in addition to attending, I could volunteer. Volunteering would (hopefully) show me the backend of what hosting an event like Content Creation is like. I’ve always been interested in the event aspect of the industry, as my career background involves a lot of project management. No matter what business I am in, I know that event hosting and coordinating is a major tool in spreading awareness of a brand/business. By volunteering for the event, I also hope to take advantage of potentially meeting the speakers one on one in an effort to eventually explore mentorship and collaboration. After messaging the Int’l Institute of Style, I received a reply from someone on the team who was incredibly sweet and inviting and welcomed me as a volunteer. I can’t wait to see what it entails!

What to Expect: 

The 3 day course has a schedule and agenda full of speakers and and overall kickass people giving their tips and tricks on how to excel in the world of content creation. But, I am sure there will be so much more to discover so I decided that I’d give you all an insider view of the whole event and share with you some of the tips and tricks I learned. 

How I’ve Prepared (Moment of Honesty):

I know it’s normal, but I get nervous anytime I do something pretty new. Now, everyone has their own way of preparing for something or calming their nerves. For me, the best way to soothe my nerves was to start putting together outfits and looks for each day of the seminar. I am in my element when I try different looks and put together different outfits. In styling outfits for this weekend, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect so I did a little research. I went onto the event’s IG and FB page to see any photos they had of previous events/attendees to get a good idea of what they wore. I got the vibe that there would be a lot of walking and working, so stylish comfort would be my best bet. For me, comfort really matters most when I decide what shoes I am going to wear. I decided to style outfits based around a variety of sneakers and one pair of short block heeled mules.

I will be sharing all my looks with you guys every day on my Instagram and then in detail on Monday when I give a full recap of the entire weekend. 

Happy Thursday,

The Smiling Sweetheart