The Feed You Need


My creative juices have not been flowing. As they (idk who tbh) say, the river is running dry. I’ve been busy with life and figuring out what that thing everyone calls “balance” is. But, as I’m writing this it’s a Friday night and I’ve had quite a long week. Good, but long. And as I’m lying down in bed overthinking about everything and anything and scrolling through social media, I was reminded of the importance of picking who you follow wisely. Anyone can agree that your feed on any social media feed says a lot about you and your interests. So, if you’re following someone who makes you unhappy or brings negativity into your feed and life, is that really what you’re interested in? It’s crucial that you ask yourself “What people do you want to surround yourself with in person AND online?” Do you want those you follow online to help you escape the real world for a little bit? Do you want them to educate and empower you? Do you want them to make you feel bad about yourself? Do you want them to be people who drag others down?

I’d like to think that in my year and a half of blogging + being a social media fanatic over the years, I’ve mastered following people who bring me joy, life, inspiration, and growth. People that have opened my eyes to new awesome career options and opportunities, self-growth and empowerment, and creative inspiration. And I wanted to start a series where I share them with you because there’s always room for more positivity, growth, and diversity in your life!  With that, I introduce to you "The Feed You Need", a series focused on creating a virtual environment for yourself that is happy, genuine and healthy through recommendations and personal discoveries.

*You can expect "The Feed You Need" to hit the blog once every month*


I’m late to the Victory team but I’m just as dedicated a player than any other member. I not only gravitate towards Grace’s genuine and hilarious energy but her ability to create content that educates and empowers the community she’s built and beyond. With Grace in your feed, you will get endless epic outfit ideas - she’s one of my ultimate style obsessions. But you’ll also find tangible and honest knowledge from her about body positivity, mental health, and trauma. She’s real. She’s herself. And she genuinely wants to help you.


I’ve kept my eye on this kickass woman for quite some time and just recently followed her on Instagram. It takes a lot of courage to, first of, dream something up and speak into existence and then second, actually decide to make it come alive. Ibtihaj is a black, hijabi, Muslim woman who decided that she wanted to go after her goals, regardless of who else was or wasn’t going to support her. She embodies what I believe it means to be you and live you. One message she recently shared on Instagram was "I believe women should wear and do what makes them feel best. If you feel great, you’ll conquer anything in your path.” AMEN!


Ever since I started blogging, I have been incredibly blessed to be surrounded by such an incredible community of supportive women and men. Alex is one of those women. She continuously engages with her followers and I can feel her authenticity in her personality through her content, which is critical when you’re a content creator. She talks with you, hears you out, gives her advice, and resonates with you like she’s one of your best friends- which I think is pretty flipping cool. 


First off, why did I discover this epic woman just a month ago? Not only is Deepica so fun and enjoyable to follow on Instagram and on Youtube, but she’s also relatable on so many levels. Getting to know Deepica through social media has shown me that she decided to make a big shift in her career when she quit her full-time job to pursue Youtube full time. Taking such a big leap into the unknown can be incredibly nerve-racking and I really admire Deepica for taking that leap and giving it her all. I’ve also become a new follower of her business, Tinted, "a first-ever digital community focused on the representation of “all the shades in between.” With this startup, Deepica’s mission is to continue the conversations about the challenges that underrepresented women face in the beauty industry and beyond.