5 Ways To Live Life In Color


Today I wanted to share 5 anchors I have used to help me live my life in color. This past year, Kristina Schulman (yes, from the Bachelor #noshame) shared her story about living life in color. And, ever since she mentioned it, it has stuck with me and held its own meaning in my life.

What does living life in color mean?

To me, it means to live life boldly, free of self-consciousness, undefined by others, with authenticity, purpose, compassion, and peace. 



Be Your Honest & Unapologetic Self

Don’t push yourself to be something or someone that you’re not. Don’t hangout with people that make you feel like you have to always dress a certain way or act a certain part. Don’t just conform to what’s easiest and most acceptable. When you’re your honest self, you become free of inhibitions (not 100%, but pretty close).



Speak Your Truth

Be honest and loving with yourself. Know that you have every right to say how you feel and be who you are. Fear often wants to hold us back  from speaking our truth but in those moments, it is important to fight through it and stick with our gut. Speaking your truth could mean anything from being honest with yourself towards others about how you feel, following your instinct or your gut, or fighting for every belief, cause and idea you have. 



Seize The Minute

Forget seizing the day; sometimes that’s too much to think about. I am just trying to take it minute by minute and seizing the day isn’t always at the top of my mind. But, seizing the minute is your chance to embrace “the now” and celebrate the present. It’s an opportunity to find joy in the little things and to just breathe. Life can change really fast and all we can control is where we're at in a single minute, so we might as well enjoy it. 



Follow What Lights Your Fire

Do the things that excite you and that make you happy. Go after those dreams and ideas that you want to bring to life. Whether that’s going on that day trip you’ve been dreaming about or starting that business you’ve been deliberating on. No matter how small or big, if something excites you or gets you powered up, listen to and follow it.  



Be a Joyful Person

(and surround yourself with joyful people)

 It takes very little out of you to greet someone with a smile, ask them how their day is, or genuinely compliment them. It brings a lot of good energy into your soul and lifts people up at the same time. This doesn’t mean you have to be 120% all the time. This also does not mean that you can’t have off days. What this does mean is that with the littlest action, like a warm hug or a kind gesture, you can feel a lot better and you could help somebody else feel a lot better too.

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