The Feed You Need: Part 2 (The Brunch Remix)

This is quite delayed...but I don't believe in forcing a post just to get it up for you guys. Especially when it comes to this series where, at the bottom of it all, I want to give you my genuine suggestions of kickass people (see the first Feed You Need for reference). For volume 2, I wanted to cast a wider net for you all. I want to suggest people, women, in particular, this time around, from a variety of industries with varying purposes and interests. But even more, I had the pleasure of meeting these people myself and getting to know them from social media and in person. About a week or so ago I had the pleasure and honor of being invited to an Easter brunch by Francis Dive, of You Me and Fashion. My immediate reaction was “Oh my God, how exciting!”, followed by my second reaction which was “Oh my God, I’m so nervous.” I find that as extroverted as I am, social events surrounding the blogosphere make me quite nervous. Francis is such a kind soul and I knew that this was an event that I could just not miss out on. 

And boy, was I right! Not only was the brunch held at ever so flavorful Le Marais Bakery, but I got the blessing of sitting around a group of women that shared their passions, their craft, their struggles, and it was the most energizing afternoon that I could’ve had and just what I needed to help me get excited about things again. And since these women excited me I want to share them with you so you can add them to your feed! 

From back to front (and right to left): Me,  @youmeandfashion   @angiehilem   @thehellajam   @lagrandedelabanda   @theebeautybandit    @daphnepalomares   @katieiswinnen  @photographybyasmeen (Missing  @stayreddy  )-- Photograph by  @tonyshazam

From back to front (and right to left): Me, @youmeandfashion @angiehilem @thehellajam @lagrandedelabanda @theebeautybandit  @daphnepalomares @katieiswinnen @photographybyasmeen (Missing @stayreddy )-- Photograph by @tonyshazam

Photograph by  @tonyshazam

Photograph by @tonyshazam


First off, we’ve got the woman of the hour herself: Francis Dive. I’ve been following Francis for almost two years now and with every InstaStory or photo of hers, I am greeted by someone who is living their honest truth and in their element. Ever since I discovered Francis on social media I thought to myself “I wanna be her friend!” And, when you meet Francis in person, she is just like who she is online: beautiful, kind, inviting and full of joy and exuberance.


I discovered Katie through Francis on Instagram and was immediately drawn to the fact that she is a Body Positive Holistic coach, something that I had never heard of or seen before. Getting to hear what Katie had to say during the brunch was not only empowering but relatable- and I freaking love every single thing she posts on Instagram.

Photograph by  @tonyshazam

Photograph by @tonyshazam


Okay, you know when you meet someone and their whole vibe is just so cool and fabulous? That’s Jayme of The Hella Jam. This was my first time meeting and following Jayme and I discovered that she does thrifting on YouTube and basically slays when it comes to making fashion your own. She also shared some amazing nuggets of wisdom that I will never forget. 


Ashleigh not only had a killer outfit and amazing energy, but I loved getting to talk to her and hear about her background and people that inspire her. Her Instagram is poppin', too!


Daphne is so sweet and has the cutest baby I ever did she. She documents her travels all on her Instagram and, if there's one thing I've noticed about my feed since following Daphne, it's that it's gotten more  genuine and positive!

Photograph by  @tonyshazam

Photograph by @tonyshazam


OK, can we talk about killer glam and hair? Because that’s exactly what Blanca has along with a kind soul. Blanca is so cool because she embodies what it means to really go after what lights your fire. She’s a beyond-talented makeup artist and always delivers when it comes to glam inspiration. 


This was actually my second time getting to meet/see Angie and all I have to say is wow, talk about a boss businesswoman. Angie is not only fun and kind, but she knows how to get business done and how to help brands step up their social strategy. 


The minute I met Cynthia she started hyping me up. She has such an uplifting and motivating spirit. She’s also super talented with a killer voice and although I don't speak or understand Spanish, I still can't stop listening to her songs on Spotify.

Photograph by  @tonyshazam

Photograph by @tonyshazam

I hope you enjoyed this months "The Feed You Need" and follow these ladies for some new content on your feed! 

With love, 


Photograph by  @tonyshazam

Photograph by @tonyshazam

A massive thank you to Le Marais Bakery for hosting us and feeding our stomachs and souls with delicious food. And, to Francis for hosting this incredible meet up and to Tony for his epic photography.