To Fall Or Not To Fall

If you’re anything like me, your brain has already shifted to Fall/Autumn thinking, eating, dressing and more. The weather, however, is not on the same mental wavelength, at least here in NorCal. To be real with yourself and your closet, there are a few techniques that I use to help me dress for that slow but steady switch in the weather.

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Tops & Light Jackets 

This is actually my favorite part of Fall transitioning. Now is when a light layer can start happening. I will take very light sweaters (similar to this one from H&M) in colors like mustard yellow, plum, and terracotta and throw a light wash thin denim jacket over the shoulder. One trick that I also have, and this is of course up to you, I either buy a thrifted sheer collarless button up long white blouse, or use one that I have, and cut the sleeves off, essentially creating a tank top. I use these under my tops and blouses in the Fall/Winter. Just like the look featured in this post, it adds dimension to a look without being too thick to handle. I find that it flatters my curvier figure, while often times thicker layers of clothing do not. This can be a high low top, my personal fave, or whatever length fits you best.

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It’s still not the time for full on boots and booties. You can, however, get away with cut out booties. And all the mules that you bought this past summer- keep them!!! They're Fall’s biggest competitor because they are a Summer shoe that can transition well into the cooler season. 

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As we may know, I love my denim. Dark, light, and black denim! Each of them is my best friend. When Fall starts to hit, I like to bring out my dark green pants that work perfectly for the transition from warm to cooler weather. It’s an earthy toned neutral that makes a statement but doesn’t overwhelm. 

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I opt for bags that are a bit bulkier. The ones that have gold and silver hardware, in colors like brown, beige, black, wine, hunter green, and eggplant purple.

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***The mules & purse that I styled in this look are a couple years old. But, I purchased the shoes from Target and the bag from ASOS (It's by River Island) ***


Photography by Molly M.